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Hay Day Cheats That Works For Me

Hi there farmer game mania, I am very glad that today I can finally announced my new Hay Day Cheats. This tool is based on Hay Day game and it can generate Unlimited Gold and Diamond to your Hay Day account faster. This hay day cheats tool is perfectly safe, because we’re using a lots of proxies and scripts that will hide your real identity and you will look as an anonymous.

Hay Day Cheats Tool Description :

This tool was designed for everyone that want to have Unlimited Coins, Diamonds for free and don’t want to pay for them. We were in same situation as you and we created our personal Hay Day cheats and now it’s the time to share it with you, because we know that is really annoying if you want to play a game more and more and you need to pay for it. Using our tool, will give you the chance to play this game without paying for it.

Hay Day Cheats Features :

  • Add how much Coins you want
  • Add how much Diamonds you want
  • No-time Build Script
  • Unlock all items
  • Anti-Ban Script
  • Private Proxies

So if you worry about tracking your IP or get a ban, I’ll tell you that you’re in perfectly safe, because we care about your safety. When you are using our hack tool, your real identity will be hidden. So you are playing in safe.

How does Hay Day Cheats works?

This tool is based on an Online Script, so it’s working only if you have an Internet Connection, because the script will get access from HayDayDatabase. First, this script will find a bug in their Database and will exploit it until it will get the full access to their Database. Once it’s there, will found your e-mail, username and will automatically collect some packages for coins and diamonds, will decrypt them and then these decrypted files will be replaced with files from your account. And that’s how our script will work. Sure that all these thing will be done in perfectly safe, so you don’t have to worry about that.

How to use Hay Day Cheats:

  1. Go to the Online Generator ( button can be found on the top of this website )
  2. Here insert your GooglePlay / iTunes E-mail or enter your In-Game username ( this must be 100% corectly to work )
  3. Now insert a valid number of Coins and Diamonds or select them from our list
  4. Enable what features you want to get
  5. Don’t Disable Anti-Ban and Private Proxies features if you don’t want to get banned
  6. Now hit Run Hack button and let the hack to work ( it will take just 2-3 minutes, depends on your internet connection and your operating system )
  7. If your IP is blacklisted, you will need to complete an Human Verification test ( follow the instructions and you will receive your resources )

I hope that you will enjoy our Hay Day cheats tool. We put a lot of work in it, so please share it with your friends. Help them too. If you have any problem in using this hack, or if you found a bug in it, please use the contact form and send us the bug. Thank you for using Hay Day Cheats and Hack tool from us.

Start using the best Hay Day Hack Tool below!

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